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How to satisfy a continuous: To keep protecting you, Sophos needs access to your device message.

 am on a fresh install of macOS Ventura and I have the latest 13.2 update. I continously get a message throughout the day saying:

To keep protecting you, Sophos needs access to your device. Do as follows:

1. Open "Secuirty & Privacy" preferences

2. Sign on as administrator by clicking the. padlock icon.

3. Select the "Full Disk Access" group.

4. Drag the Sophos icon below to the application list.

I go to open the Secuirty and Privacy preferences, click the padlock, type in my password, select Full Disk Access, and drag the Sophos icon over to the Security and Privacy window. However, in about an hour, the same Sophos Anti-Virus message will pop-up again saying I need to add Sophos to the Full Disk Access group.
Currently, the following Sophos applications are enabled in Full Disk Access:
1. Sophos Diagnostic Utility
2. SophosScanAgent
3. SophosAutoUpdate
4. Sophos Scan
5. SophosCleanD
6. Sophos Anti-Virus
7. SophosServiceManager
I have tried to remove these applications from Full Disk Access and re-add them without luck. I have also attempted to manually add the applications by selecting the + icon from Security & Privacy Preferences (instead of dragging the icon from Sophos pop-up) but still no luck. This issue has been going on for a few weeks now.
The version of Sophos Anti-Virus I am using is Version 9.13.0
None of the resources I have seen look remotely like the current updated way that MacOS deals with full disk access

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