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NetApp Scanner Version

Can someone tell me how to determine the version of the NetApp scanning tool installed? I have been unable to find directions to do this. I found that the current release is 1.0.1 but how do I verify that is what is installed?



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  • Once you've installed SAV for Network Storage and loaded the MMC, you can obtain the version from the MMC console.

    In the MMC, click Help then select "About Sophos Anti-Virus for NetApp storage systems...."

    SAV for NetApp.pngSAV for NetApp - About.png

  • Thank-You, that is exactly what I was looking for. After reading the NetApp guide this morning and not glossing through it  (I'm not a storage admin) I see that it is on page 14 of the guide.

    I looked in Control Panel > Programs and Features > and found it there but I where I wanted to see it from was the app side too.

    Thanks again.