Hi All,

Apple has just released macOS 10.15.4 and with this release they are highlighting to end users with Sophos Endpoint installed that they have a product installed that has a “Legacy system extension”, the notification goes on to say that this will be “incompatible with a future version of macOS”. Current protection is not impacted in any way, and this notification from Apple is just informational.

This latter point is very important since kext-less (API based) operation is currently in beta only, with the new methods fully releasing in 10.16, hence the notifications to macOS customers.

We are currently developing a version of our endpoint products that are compatible with API based operation and expect to have an Early Access Program (EAP) available for Central managed customers in the Summer of 2020. We do intend to fully support both the exiting (kext based) and future (API based) versions of macOS with a single version of our endpoint product in readiness for the full release of 10.16 which is currently expected to the be the release in which Apple makes API based interactions with the kernel mandatory.

On-premise (SEC managed) customers will need to use the “Preview” subscription when 10.16 becomes available in order to be supported, more details on the timing of the EAP and releases to SEC will be available when we know more.