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Troj/JenxLnk-B not removed by Sophos Clean


My USB key got infected by a virus that Sophos identifies as Troj/JenxLnk-B. It creates a link named System Volume information.lnk in the root dir of my key.

I ran Sophos Clean to remove it, and it apparently found it but couldn't clean/temove it. No virus was detected instead on my hard disk. 

I managed to remove the lnk file by using rd /s /q "e:\System Volume information" command but the lnk file reappears any time I insert my USB key in my computer. Also, the virus spreads to any orther (previously clean) USB key I insert. This might mean that the virus seats on my PC, although undetected. Any suggestion on how to get rid of it?

My PC runs Win 10 Pro 64 bit.

Thank you and regards


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