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SSPService.exe consuming huge amounts of RAM

We have had several complaints from different Sophos Intercept X Advanced users that their Windows 10 PCs are running extremely slowly. This has been over the past week or so.

When Task Manager is launched it shows 97% of RAM is used up and a majority of that is by the Sophos SSPService.

When we try to access the PCs via Datto RMM WebRemote or Splashtop the connection is unsuccessful.

If I manually stop the services: Sophos File Scanner, Health, MCS Agent, MCS Client, Network Threat Protection and then EndTask the System Protection Service this reduces the memory usage and allows me to connect remotely. I can the remove Sophos Endpoint to get the machine working again.

This is obviously very much a workaround and my fear is that many more (if not all) of our customers PCs exhibit this behaviour at the same time!

Component versions are Sophos Core Agent v2022.4.3.1 & Sophos Intercept X 2023.1.0.79

Has anybody else come across this yet and if so is there a fix?

Thanks in advance,


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