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Licensing for Non-Domain/Standalone Environment

Hi folks,

Coming in with questions regarding licensing for Intercept X.

We have a small shop that we would like to deploy Intercept X in, which will pair nicely with our XG135 for Security Heartbeat.

I understand that licensing is sold on a per-user basis. Our problem is that as a small shop, we do not have a domain or any active directory services. Though there are only 2-3 people, we have probably over a dozen shop computers that are actively used throughout the daytime that need protection. From reading the licensing documentation on Intercept X, I understand that each unique user on each unique device would count as a license consumption. This is a problem for us, as this wildly accelerates the cost from what would be 2-3 licenses up to as many as possibly 24 or more.

I have seen that it may be possible to create identities within Sophos Central that can have a group of users associated with them, consuming only one license per person.

My questions are: is it correct that a single user can be associated with a group of users consuming only one license? Is there a maximum amount of users that can be associated with a single user? If a user is active on multiple devices simultaneously while only consuming a single license, are all devices still protected?

Thanks for any guidance; I appreciate responses that can help our small environment.

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