Port USB is not blocked

Hi Team... good morning ( am from colombia south america...my english is not good, but i will try )

we are worry about the endpoint sophos, yesterday we had an External Audit from BASC ( re certification ) we are a enterprise external commerce... we are checking the security controls like a " port USB Blocked by sophos, but surprise no work,..we have setting the policy block port usb , but when the auditor put into the lapto the usb type credit card she can read the data into usb.

in this moment the audit said,, check this issue and fix it, tomorrow we will back .

am looking for the answer , the big problem is: the usb type conventional the sophos endpoint work and block it, but with this type de usb not. www.catalogoespacial.com/.../2742-memoria-usb-tarjeta.html

before to change this product ( because i like sophos and your security ) we wanna to know whats happens with this issue and give the answer to Audit

Thanks for you r soon amswer

beste regards

HArlan Perinan

IT director

IMEX movil 3126607808 hperignan@imex.com.co partner in Colombia : Mediacommerce

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