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No Sophos Security products installed - Windows 11


I am trying to install Sophos Endpoint Client on a VM running Windows 11 (22H2 - 22621.525).
I want to create a gold image.
The installation completes without errors. After that the status says "No Sophos security products installed".
See screenshots. Only the core agent is installed. Sophos Intercept X is missing.

See screenshots and logs.

What is going wrong here?

Greetings Int3g3r


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  • yes it does - the main issue seems to be that it is unable to install updates. I tried Sophos ZAP and forcing it to update as per the procedure above, but I'm still getting nothing

  • I'm not sure you have the same issue.  You typically would have run SophosSetup.exe which would have logged to:

    What is in that log?

    As long as AutoUpdate and MCS installed OK, AutoUpdate should then take over the job of updating, including having another go at installing any other failing component.  

    I would then check

    and under:

    You should see the component logs of each product being installed.