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Windows file server network interruptions


I'm chasing some Windows Server 2022 file server problems at the moment where (on a workstation, more than one) a file copy gets interrupted, or Adobe Premiere suddenly loses its links (and lunch) to network files.

This seems to be a transient error where the connection if momentarily interrupted which is enough to make file copy and Premiere unhappy.

Any suggestions on how I can rule the Sophos client (server and or workstation) in or out?  Both server and client are on the same subnet so that rules my XG out.

We are dealing with 10gb connections but I can also replicate this with 1gb connections.

Has anyone experienced this and found Sophos being part of the issue?

Suggestions welcome.

A Microsoft performance issues article mentions filter drivers as a possible cause and not working with oplocks correctly. I'm not sure how I delve into status codes to see if this is relevant in this situation.

"The driver for the program is incompatible with the filter driver that is installed on the computer by a non-Microsoft antivirus program. As a result, the filter driver on the server may return an incorrect status code to the Server service. For example, the filter driver may return a STATUS_SUCCESS code instead of a STATUS_OPLOCK_BREAK_IN_PROGRESS code."

Performance issues when working with files located on a file server - Windows Server | Microsoft Learn



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