Endpoint maybe blocking ABBRobotStudio

Hello Community,

I have a problem with some customer endpoints with using the program ABBRobotStudio.

Robotstudio is just a software which is communicating with ABB machines and robots.

After installing the Endpoint to the computers all computers had problems communicating with the machines like timeout, refusing connection at all or an error with .dll files missing. We looked in the alert logs on the endpoint and in Central but nothing is reporting with a threat in relation with Robotstudio.

We already talked with the ABB support and they replied that we should set up a exclusion for the ABBRobotstudio Software. That didnt help. 

So we uninstalled the endpoint on one machine for testing and after that everything worked just fine. No timeout, no connection error, no missing dll.

Did someone had the same problem with Sophos and Robotstudio? 


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