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I just discovered that new users in my client's Central installation are matched with the base policy for web control but not the adapted version that lies above. Apparently I have to manually match new users to the adapted policy. Is there a way to apply the adapted policy to users automatically. There es no AD running. The reason I added the new policy above the base policy is so that the original settings would be preserved. Searched the forum, but couldn't find a clue...

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    Thank you for reaching our community forum. As of now, there’s no other way for you to automatically add your new user to your adapted/cloned policy. By default, all newly registered users will automatically get the base policy which is the default policy on Sophos central. Manual intervention is required for those new users to be moved to the appropriate policy. But if you have AD Sync in your environment, this is possible through creating a user base Policy and applying this to your user's group that you wish to push the policy.

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