Sophos endpoint just started blocking chromecast

Chromecast comes up and says "available for specific video sites" and blocks chrome casting to any device. Effects hundreds of workstations and chromecasts.

Disabling network threat protection solves the issue. We are trying to determine why this is though, as it just started happening last week. I dont see anything in the logs on my client though. Is there other, more verbose logs we could gather somehow? (just found sophos endpoint self help so will try that now)

i guess i should open a case about it, but i like to do forums options first.

EDIT: we traced it down to the specific sub component of the "threat protection" policy called "SSL/TLS decryption of HTTPS websites" 

Once this has been disabled, chrome casting again works fine. We have a current sophos case and have submitted logs now so hopefully they can determine how they have recently broken this. Must have been a recent update.

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