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For a couple of weeks we had a problem on just 3-4 of our Windows 10 computers where they would randomly not process PDFs uploaded to You select the pdf from your computer and it would just spin in the browser as "processing" and after quite a while just fail. To make a long troubleshooting story short, it looks like the cause of this issue was the Intercept X client. As soon as it's uninstalled, the problem goes away, all uploaded PDFs process normally. I had checked all the Intercept X logs and not seen any activity related to these computers or SRFax so I had dismissed it as a cause early on. When I began to suspect Intercept X, I even tried the 4 hour bypass and the problem still persisted, it's only when fully uninstalled that the problem goes away. We have been running Intercept X now for months and it's only in the last 2 weeks at one office that this started happening. 

If anybody has any ideas, let me know. I want to get the client reinstalled on these computers of course but the staff can't function with this issue. The only thing I can do now is maybe do a clean install of Window 10 on these computers and then try Intercept X again and see what happens, maybe just some random corruption?



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  • Hey I know this has been a while but I hadn't had any time to sit down and test this issue but now it appears other workstations and other offices are having the same random issue when uploading files to SRFax. I'm going to try and sit down at a computer today and try disabling components to see if I can identify which one is causing the interference, but my next question is if I can figure out which one it is, then what? This is a very bizarre bug for an AV client, how would we address this without disabling a key feature of Intercept-X?

  • So I disabled the components one by one and nothing appeared to make any difference. It's random but eventually I'd come across some PDFs that won't upload to SRFax. I was going to try disabling the HitmanPro driver but I'm unable to stop the service because it's not an option due to lack of permission even as an admin. How do I stop the hittmanpro service?

  • You’ll need to have Tamper Protection disabled to interact with the services. 

    If you'd like to take things further in using the driver isolation steps I mentioned previously, you’ll also need to stop Sophos from updating, as the self-repair operations may re-load the driver.

    HMPA Isolation:
    a) Access the Services and stop then disable the following service:HitmanPro.Alert service
    b) Access the following folder: C:\Windows\System32\
    c) Rename hmpalert.dll to hmpalert.orig
    d) Access the following folder: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\
    e) Rename hmpalert.dll to hmpalert.orig
    f) Reboot the computer

    I will follow up with you via PM.

    Kushal Lakhan
    Global Community Support Engineer
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