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Web Filter does not work in Chrome but works in Edge

On a Windows 11 Home computer (fresh clean OS install), the web filter does not work in Chrome. I'm testing it by going to in Chrome and the page does not get blocked. It DOES get blocked in Edge, just not Chrome. I've rebooted the computer, uninstalled and reinstalled Sophos, no luck. Again, this is a freshly installed Windows 11 Home install from scratch. I know the policy settings are correct in Sophos Central because the page is blocked in Edge. Any suggestions on how to get the web filter to work in Chrome? 

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  • Thanks, it doesn't seem to be across the board though. My work computer has Windows 11 Pro and does get blocked in Chrome. Do you have an idea of what environments the web filter doesn't work in Chrome? 

  • I don't believe this is due to the web filter not working. When browsing to a different site with the same blocked category assigned, I get a block message displayed correctly. 

    I believe what's happening is that in some cases, a TLS handshake takes place when establishing a new connection to the site, and other times this does not occur since the same top-level domain is still being accessed. 

    As far as I can see, this behaviour is specific to the sophostest website, though if you are able to replicate this with other websites, please do let me know.

    Kushal Lakhan
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