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Multiple computers getting netio.sys BSOD after 2022.2.1.9 update

We're having an outbreak of DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD's in driver NETIO.SYS. Netio.sys caused BSOD's are usually tied to network drivers but that doesn't make sense because this started happening all of a sudden on multiple computers. These are fully patched/updated Windows 10 Pro computers. The common thing we're seeing is Sophos was updated to version 2022.2.1.9 around 7/20/22 on all of them. Any insight from Sophos on if the blue screen of death crashes are being caused by the latest version of Sophos? 

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  • I apologize for the frustrations. Looking into the development ticket open for this issue, there’s work being done each day. Our team is actively working towards finding a resolution. 

    If you need an immediate work-around to be implemented, you can use the following steps published in the KBA, though I understand that this is not ideal for all organizations. 

    Turn off the following within Sophos Central:

    • Web Control - Disable the policy that applies to the user for that system
    • Threat Protection - Turn off all settings under "Real-time scanning - Internet"
    Kushal Lakhan
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