Cannot install Sophos XDR "certificate check failure"

I can't install sophos agent on one of my servers, when I check the log file there is an error in the certificate.

Here are the log files from the server:

2022-05-23T01:50:07.0104395Z INFO : Running C:\\Users\\ADMINS~1\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\SophosSetup-1011997916\\Setup.exe
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0114276Z INFO : IsWow64Process2 not available on older platforms
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0114276Z INFO : Stage 1 command-line options:
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0114276Z INFO : ---
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0114276Z INFO : Quiet mode on: 0
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0114276Z INFO : Automatic Proxy detection disabled: 0
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0124273Z INFO : No feedback mode on: 0
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0124273Z INFO : Dump feedback enabled: 0
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0124273Z INFO : Bypass competitor removal: 0
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0124273Z INFO : Using CRT catalog file path: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0124273Z INFO : Only register endpoint with Central: 0
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0124273Z INFO : Log messages between endpoint and Central: 0
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0124273Z INFO : Log command-line passed to executables: 0
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0124273Z INFO : Using custom server that hosts the installer stage2 filename: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0124273Z INFO : Using cloud group: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0134265Z INFO : Overriding computer name: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0134265Z INFO : Overriding computer description: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0134265Z INFO : Overriding domain name: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0134265Z INFO : Language will be set to: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0134265Z INFO : Using message relays: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0134265Z INFO : Proxy address: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0134265Z INFO : Proxy user name: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0134265Z INFO : Using custom customer token: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0144287Z INFO : Using specified products: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0144287Z INFO : Using certificates from the program data folder: 0
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0144287Z INFO : Setting non-persistent image: 0
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0144287Z INFO : Setting gold image: 0
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0144287Z INFO : MCS registration timeout for golden image: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0154256Z INFO : Using custom customer ID: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0154256Z INFO : Using specified user ID: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0154256Z INFO : Using local install source: --
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0154256Z INFO : Invoked as part of SEC migration: 0
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0154256Z INFO : ---
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0194241Z INFO : IsWow64Process2 not available on older platforms
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0194241Z INFO : Detected architecture: 2
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0194241Z INFO : Using x86 program files for stage 2
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0194241Z INFO : IsWow64Process2 not available on older platforms
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0204270Z INFO : Target path: C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Sophos\\CloudInstaller
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0224262Z INFO : About to delete: C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Sophos\\CloudInstaller
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0224262Z INFO : Folder not present, nothing to delete
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0234247Z INFO : IsWow64Process2 not available on older platforms
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0234247Z INFO : Running on x64, requesting x86 Stage2
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0234247Z INFO : Sending HTTP 'POST' request to: api/download/stage2-details/85123e05-7b6b-4ff7-994b-aea71ae23d78
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0334257Z INFO : Did not discover an URL for a PAC file
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0344279Z INFO : Attempting to connect using proxy '' of type 'Empty Proxy'.
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0344279Z INFO : Set security protocol: 00000800
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0344279Z INFO : Opening connection to
2022-05-23T01:50:07.0354251Z INFO : Request content size: 31
2022-05-23T01:50:07.9214255Z ERROR : WinHttpSendRequest failed with certificate check failure and error 12175
2022-05-23T01:50:07.9224283Z INFO : Failed to connect using proxy '' with error: WinHttpSendRequest failed: certificate check failure
2022-05-23T01:50:07.9234268Z INFO : Cleaning up extracted files
2022-05-23T01:50:07.9234268Z ERROR : Error downloading/running stage 2: Failed to get stage-2 info: Failed to connect with any proxy: certificate check failure
2022-05-23T01:50:23.2694280Z INFO : FindMainWindow: pid=0
2022-05-23T01:50:23.2744282Z ERROR : Exception: Failed to get stage-2 info: Failed to connect with any proxy: certificate check failure

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