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Realtime protection seems to cause Outlook crash


after updating the Sophos Central Enpoint Agent and rebooting the client, Outlook is crashing right after startup.

This problem occurred on several clients.

After a while of testing, I found out that the real-time protection is causing the issue.

When the service is disabled, Outlook works fine.

Also, I just disabled the Remote Files option in the central policy, applied it and Outlook functions as normal with real-time protection turned on.

OS: Windows 10 Pro (Build 19044.1645)

Endpoint Agent Version:

Core Agent: 2.20.13 (2.20.11 as well)

Endpoint Advanced:

Sophos Intercept X: 2.0.24

License: Intercept X Advanced with XDR

Installed Office 64-Bit: Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (Version 2203 Build 16.0.15028.20228)

Is someone having the same issue?

Kind regards


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