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Sophos Endpoint Intercept X (Malicious Traffic Detection) slows down MacOS Monterey extremely

Hi all,

following issue: I upgraded different machines (4 for testing) to MacOS Monterey 12.0.1.

They got all the same issue: After upgrading and rebooting, the machines slowing down extremly.

The OS would hang with beach ball and take forever to do even one click. They got useless!

After some testing i found out, if i turned off "Malicious Traffic Detection" in the Runtime Protection Settings of the Endpoint software (10.2.2), the machine starts to work normal, the system brakes and beachballs are gone.

But after i turned "Malicious Traffic Detection" on again and restarted the machine, it slows down again the machines extremely direct after booting.

I can reproduce this setting on all machines with Monterey 12.0.1

Even the latest EAP version of Sophos Endpoint (10.3.0) didn’t fixed this issue.

Any recommendations for this?

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