Sophos ScanD, Web Intelligence, Cryptoguard, Event Monitor Legacy Stopped

Hi team,

Thanks in advance for you help with this issue with Mac Big Sur endpoint.

Our teammate is using a  Macbook air with OSX version 11.1.  We have uninstalled & reinstalled Sophos. In addition we have installed Software Diagonistic Utility (SDU :- Report attached) however the below services are still showing  as being stopped :-

  • .Sophos ScanD Legacy
  •  Sophos Web Intelligence Legacy
  •  Sophos Cryptoguard legacy
  • Sophos Event Monitor Legacy

Could you please advise what is required to get this working. 


Vishag K.V

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  • I have a similar issue with one of our clients as well. We try to manually update the client, and the client is in the EAP program, but it does not appear to be updating. Are these updates scheduled and can be a EAP updates be manually executed. The user is on 10.15.7 running Sophos 10.0.1.