I hope you enjoyed the first session - that's just a taster of the amazing content we've got for you in the next couple of weeks!

There were a couple of resources mentioned in the session which I've listed below for reference in case:

For file hashing, Greg used these commands:

  • PowerShell (Windows)
    • Get-FileHash file.ext
  • shasum(macOS)
    • oshasum –a256 file.ext
  • sha256sum (Linux)
    • sha256sum file.ext

And to get your external IP, Greg recommended using

  • PowerShell (Windows)                        Invoke-WebRequest -uri "http://ifconfig.me/ip"
  • cURL(macOS and Linux)                    curl http://ifconfig.me/ip

When we were recording Greg and Mat's video, we realised we had even more that we wanted to share with you, so I'm pleased to include below the 'bonus' footage from session 1 - Thinking Like A Threat Hunter. In it, Greg and Mat talk about who performs threat hunting, signal prioritization and the various adversarial tactics attackers use. 

Take a look at the link below, and get yourself ready for tomorrow's session; Threat Journey: Running Code on Remote Systems. See you there!