We have today started to release 10.4.7 for macOS, we are staging the release and will enable new features once the rollout is complete (this post will also be updated). The rollout and enablement should be complete by the end of February.

Included in this release are the following changes:

  • Process and path exclusions for CryptoGuard monitoring
  •  Admin Led Isolation
  • Combining three Sophos processes into a single process – Sophos User Agent (performance improvement)

There are two potential impacts for you as a result of this change:

  • You may need to add the Sophos User Agent in Notification Settings to allow user notifications as it’s changed from the previous setup (does not apply for MDM managed systems)

  • Finder Scans: you will have to add the Scan with Sophos Endpoint option in Services Settings if the option doesn’t show up when you right-click on a file/folder via Finder. You can add this in one of two ways:
    • Option 1: System Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard shortcuts > Services.
    • Option 2: open the Sophos Endpoint UI and clicking on Sophos Endpoint UI menu bar option > Services > Services Settings (In the Services window, the option "Scan with Sophos Endpoint" needs to be enabled under Files and Folders).


    This information will be updated in the documentation (https://docs.sophos.com/esg/endpoint/help/en-us/help/Scan-File/index.html#__tabbed_1_2) when the changes go live.

    A new bootstrapper, standalone tools (SDU and Removal tool) will all be available by end of the month along with the new functionality. 

    We would also like to remind you about our configuration profiles deployed with the installer. The latest Sophos Central Installer for macOS includes separate Configuration Profiles for each major macOS version we currently support, namely:

    • Sophos Endpoint Big Sur v1.2.mobileconfig
    • Sophos Endpoint Monterey v1.2.mobileconfig
    • Sophos Endpoint Ventura v1.2.mobileconfig

    Refer to the ReadMeFirst file located under the “Deployment Tools” folder for the change log for each Configuration Profile. You can also refer to these detailed instructions on using Jamf Pro to deploy the Sophos Endpoint to your Mac devices. 

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