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Sophos Scan and Clean continually freezes my computer

I've repeatedly tried to run Sophos Scan and Clean and every time it freezes my computer, either only the screen or even the whole machine. I have then to force a reboot to get it working again. Also: When I installed it the first time, it did create a desktop shortcut but I was unable to uninstall it after it again. It's nowhere on my computer registered or listed... I eventually simply deleted the shortcut and downloaded the exe.-file anew from Sophos' website. At first, installing did not work; after allowing Sophos to execute the file, a window popped up for half a second, disappeared again and nothing happened after that so I clicked again on the downloaded file. This time, a dialogue appeared and I was able to choose whether I wanted a quick scan or a default scan. I chose 'default' and after only a few seconds, the screen froze yet again. Plus, this time, Scan and Clean has not even created a desktop shortcut.

If I didn't know Sophos already and hadn't been using it for years without problems, I'd seriously believe that this software is malicious. Now, since You all use it, I'm pretty sure it's not. But it still bothers me that this Scan and Clean program causes me so many headaches and my mind is bursting with question marks. What is going on here ?

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