New to the forum- somewhat urgent problem

  Hello to everyone at SophosTalk!

    I'm a fall- quarter transfer to UCLA, and as soon as i got here i got a message via the private network here that my kaspersky antivirus was unacceptable, and unless i downloaded sophos i wouldn't be allowed on the net. well, i did that of course, and i am now able to access the internet freely.

however, when i try to go to youtube and watch a video, it tells me i need to update adobe flash before i can watch anything. if i try to do this, it says i already have that version.

similarly, (and this is my biggest problem) if i try to access a podcast of one of my professor's classes, it tells me that i need to download Silverlight, which i already have, fully updated.

is there a fix for this? is this even sophos fault? am i posting under the right board? any help at all would be appreciated.

  • UCLA should have its own internet help service department. they are your best bet. 

  • Ya I'd say thats a problem for the UCLA internet service department.

  • I was at UCLA  last year and had a similar problem. I went to the internet service guys and i'm not sure what they did but they were able to get my computer working properly again.

  • yeah i dont think this has anything to do with sophos, this is more liekly your programs arnt installing you tried uninstalling flash and silverlight properly and installing them again.

  • Hello All, I'm sharing a piece of information about Silverlight here. It is relevant because even though there is not a question here but, we have started this thread about an issue with Silverlight. Microsoft Silverlight has reached its end-of-life. Yes, Microsoft has announced the overall support end date of Silverlight to be Oct 12, 2021. So, the businesses that still depend on Silverlight should act fast to migrate Silverlight applications to the appropriate alternative technology platforms by proper planning and evaluating business risks.