We are looking to make changes to how posts that are marked as answers are shown in the thread. Please evaluate the two options below and let me know in the comments (or in a private message) which you prefer, and any other feedback on this area.

Current Implementation: 

Currently, the thread can be sorted by 'All Responses' or 'Answers Only'. All answers, both verified (green) and suggested (orange) will show in 'Answers Only'.

Future Implementation:

The 'All Responses' and 'Answers Only' sort section will be removed. All suggested and verified answers will be pinned to the top of the thread. All other comments will still be available after the pinned answer posts. This post will be updated with a mock-up once available but you can likely picture it.

Thank you,

Bob Ianson | Sophos Community Manager 

  • Bob,

    thanks for your suggestion. I think that reading all the reply and answers inside the threads is more helpful. Sometimes inside some treads there are multiple answers associated to different questions (even if the best practice should be one question per thread). I prefer and advice people to read all the pages inside a thread and take a note of what they read.

    Of course this is my point of view.


  • Prefer the current arrangement with sorting by Answers only