Community Update


We have recently made some changes to the community that we think will improve your experience using the site. Below I have outlined three of the biggest changes that will be most impactful to you. There are also numerous bug fixes included in this latest update.

1. Pagination Improvements:

Previously, on threads with many comments, there was no way to jump directly to a certain page, and you could only advance or go back one page at a time. Now users can easily see how many pages are in a thread, what page they are currently on and can select a page directly. This was frequently requested by our community members so we hope you like it.

2. New Private Messaging Default Settings

Previously, the default setting for private messaging was 'Friends Only'. This meant you could only send private messages to those you had already friended. The default setting is now 'Everyone' and you can now message anybody as long as you know their username, just enter it in the 'Recipients' field.

You have the option to change this back to 'Friends Only' or 'None' if you so choose by going to settings.

3. Videos on Safari

There was a bug that prevented a number of videos posted in the community from playing in Safari. We have now rectified this for all Mac users.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how the community could improve, please let me know here. Thank you for all your feedback thus far.

Bob Ianson | Sophos Community Manager