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XG85 Bridge LAN Ports no traffic



i have an XG85 Appliance and wan´t to use 1 Port as a WAN Port and the other 3 Ports as an LAN Switch Port. The reasonfor this is that it is a small Office with 2 PCs and 1 Printer and i wan´t no seperate Switch. The XG has enough Ports.


What I have done, i configured Port 1,3 and 4 as one LAN Port in bridge Mode.


This is working fine all Ports can Communicate with the Sophos and the Internet. What is not working is traffic between the LAN.


For this i configured following Firewall rule



But without an positiv effect. LAN Traffic is still not working. I can´t Ping the Printer or print on it.

Ping is active in the LAN access.


Is it normal that my bridge don´t had an zone? I mean n/a


This is the config of my bridge



Thanks for help :-)



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