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cannot connect to device on specific port over LAN

Hello all.. I switched to a sopos firewal from netgear and ever since I have been unable to get my phone system's management software to connect to the pbx box.. it attempts to open a connection on port 35300 and simply comes back with the message "cannot open LAN port" 


Is there a setting that might cause this on this device?

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  • XG is a stateful firewall. You need for every connection through XG a Firewall rule.

    Even LAN to LAN.

    But not, if those clients are in the same subnet without XG interaction (for example both on the same Switch level). 


  • I only have one subnet per location, and both these devices are in the same location.. .


    but anyway, kets assume that's the problem, if I wanted to create a rule that any PC on the LAN could access on port 35300 how would I go about it? I would like to be able to access it across the VPN as well, but local is most important at this time.