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SFM: Duplicate Entry Not Allowed error



i had a problem with one of my firewall nog syncing with sfm. i tried delete the firewall and add it again in sfm.

now i get the error: Duplicate Entry Not Allowed.


sfm version: SFMV15 (SFMOS 17.0.0 GA) 

firewall version: XG85 (SFOS 17.0.8 MR-8)

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  • Please open a support case for this issue. 

    Support can clean up your database to resolve this issue. 


  • Hi Dylan,

    Issue will be fixed in SFM v17.1 GA version. 

    PM me the output of below  db queries from advanse shell of SFM or ticket id if you have created with Sophos Support. 

    1. Connect the DB using below command

    psql -U nobody -d ccc -p 5433

    2. Run the below command and provide output of below queries. 

    select * from tblappliance;

    select * from act1.tblcccuserappliancemapping ;

    Please also provide the serial number for which you are getting  "Duplicate Entry Not Allowed Error" error.


  • Hi Ravi,


    I've the same problem, have you any update about fix relase date or can you help with any workaround?


    Thank you

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