SURF 2.1.0930.0 Released


A new version of SURF is now available: 2.1.0930.0

This release includes several new features and updates to the application.

Watch an overview of SURF here: 

Release information

New Features

  • SFOS Health Report - Export to docx
    • The Health Report can now be exported to a document for accounting purposes
  • SFOS Health Report - Available to all users
  • Ability to run a specific rule against a CTR/SDU
  • Ability to filter rules by title


  • New Icons
  • Stability improvements around processing CTRs/SDUs
  • SURF upgraded to be able to handle new log rotation actions for CTRs
  • Expanded descriptions added to the SFOS Health Check items

Bug Fixes

  • Updated several SFOS Health check items to have more stringent conditions so they don't trigger on rules where that setting doesn't really matter
  • Fixed issues with the rules engine not properly pulling/processing rules

Download the new version from: