Advisory: Sophos Endpoint "Your connection isn't private" after reboot. Policy settings can be returned to normal. See: KB-000045954 for the latest updates.

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Invalid Captive Portal Link https://:8090/httpclient.html

Hi, I have finished implementing my XG310 with SSO. When an unauthenticated user tries to browse, the captive portal link incorrectly appears. "https://:8090/httpclient.html"
If I put in the browser the address of my sophos works and the captive portal appears. I have the latest firmware installed. Any ideas?, Thank

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  • Can you please temporarily configure your system like this:

    Have a Web Policy that includes something that is blocked
    In the Firewall rule, Match Users is off and select that web policy.
    Under Authentication, Services make sure "Prompt unauthenticated users to login" is selected.

    Now do a web request that proxies through and go to a site that is blocked.
    The block page should have a link like Click here to log in.

    Is that link correct or not?

    My guess it will have the same problem.  Which maybe doesn't help, but does give another data point.