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two DHCP reservations messing up client gateway and DHCP options

I noticed a strange mixing of DHCP settings when having 2 reservations for one client MAC address.

console> system dhcp static-entry-scope show

I have a VLAN on the XGS lets say VLAN10 Net: GW:

On that VLAN is a XGS DHCP Server with some specific DHCP options for that VLAN10 with a reservation for dummy client aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa ->

On that XGS there is a RED20 with IP of GW

On that RED is a XGS DHCP Server with a reservation for the same dummy client: aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa ->

Intension is: when the client moves, it should get a specific IP on the RED and a specific IP on the VLAN.

Now in real life, when the client is on the RED network, it gets the IP from the RED DHCP Server, but all other DHCP options come from the VLAN DHCP Server: gateway and all the DHCP options from the VLAN.

is that normal?

I had to delete the reservation on the VLAN DHCP server to make the client be served the correct IP settings from the RED DHCP Server.

all on SFOS 20.0.1

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