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WAF non-standard ports: 503 Service Unavailable


I have set up a new Web server protection rule following this guide. Everything works fine using port 80, but when I change the port to 1001, I get 503 Service Unavailable:

Web server:

IIS (Windows 11). Binding: Type: HTTP, IP address: all unassigned, Port: 1001, Host name: none.

Web server

Firewall rule

This is just a simple test, serving a very basic page.

"My-Laptop" is an IP host record, specifying the IP address (that I have confirmed is correct).

I've followed a Sophos community page to restart Tomcat from the Advanced Console: service tomcat:restart -ds nosync.

I've recreated the web server record and firewall rule, specifying the non-standard port just in case something has been cached.

I've added (and removed) the host name to IIS.

Windows firewall is off.

I'm out of ideas.

If anyone could shed some light on the problem, I'd be very grateful if you could share your thoughts.

Thank you in advance.


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