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Expose WAN Link Status to SNMP.

I've found a number posts requesting assistance with this, but it appears that no one has had a win.

We have multiple sites, all which have multiple WANs configured. In some cases, it's Active/Backup, in others, we are load balancing multiple WANs

There may be times where a gateway goes down, but the port remains active and there's still an active link with traffic. 

Currently, if our ISP has an outage but the physical link still has activity, the indicator for the WAN Link will go from green to red as we would expect. However, it doesn't appear that there's anyway to monitor this via SNMP and as the link still has activity, we can't monitor the physical ports to detect an outage.

We could use TRAPs. However, these have been proven to be painful and inconsistent. 

Am I missing something here? Are there OIDs to do this and I'm just missing them? 

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