Important note about SSL VPN compatibility for 20.0 MR1 with EoL SFOS versions and UTM9 OS. Learn more in the release notes.

Configuration template Sync in Sophos Central


We are currently in the process of preparing around 60 XGS87w for one of our customers that they want to use in their sales outlets to secure and connect them. To speed up the process, we have stored a configuration template in Sophos Central. The problem is that after we have connected a new firewall to Sophos Central and then added it to the group with the configuration template, in most cases nothing happens.

After we have waited for an hour, for example, and still no sync has been started by the firewall or Sophos Central, we usually try one of the following actions so that the sync still starts.

1. remove the firewall from the group, wait a short time and add it again.

2. remove the firewall completely from Sophos Central, wait, reconnect and add it to the group again.

3. a combination of the other two mentioned above

So far, we have usually managed to get the firewall to receive the configuration at some point. Unfortunately, the more devices we add, the more difficult the whole thing becomes and so it is no longer really a time-saver when setting up. Is there a way to do the sync manually or a trick to make it more reliable? We can connect to the firewalls via Sophos Central without any problems and we can also see the status of the firewall and generate reports. So far we've managed to set up 12 firewalls this way, but I'm not looking forward to setting up the next 50 completely manually.