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Micro PC with no Legacy BIOS support

Hi, I'm not sure if I have just locked myself out of using XG home firewaill because of an unexpected BIOS compatibility issue.

My ancient PC (Pentium III) mobo died.  It was running XG 19.x.

Researching for microPC's  (ServeTheHome, Tom's Hardware, etc.) and found a Hunsn RJ03 on NewEgg.  Comes pre-installed with pFsense Plus, so should be compatible with just about any F/W, just d/l the replacement ISO and the hardware specs appeared perfect to run XG Home..


  • Intel N5105
  • AES-NI
  • 4 x Intel 2.5GbE
  • I226-V LAN
  • Type-C, TF
  • M.2 WiFi 6 Slot
  • 8G RAM
  • 64G SSD

BUT!  Never noticed this in the product description, or at least, thought it was relevant at the time:

"Compatibility, firewalls tested with pfsense plus, opnsense and other popular open-source software solutions, supports UEFI only."

Sophos doesn't seem concerned, from the community discussions, with providing any UEFI support for this software.  So, have I locked myself out of XG home firewall permanently?



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