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DNS request to DNS over Site2Site VPN


We are using a Hardware Firewall XGS-2100 to connect to two datacenters running our AD Controller there. The AD is also our DNS Server.

This worked fine for a long time. For some reason one of the VPN stopped working and one of the AD Controller was not reachable anymore.


Since the XG2100 is used to handle the DNS requests of the clients. It turned out that not every request was answered anymore.


So this lead to the following questing:

Is the Firewall not caching any DNS data for client requests? Is it only relaying the request to the DNS set in the configuration?

And since I still had a working AD Controller why was the request not sent to the working one? Is this just a randomly forwarding the request? So if one DSN server is down will request be still sent to this and fail?



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