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Unwanted Parenting - Why does SOPHOS insist on removing features "for our own good"?

SOPHOS markets their XGS product to network administrators, who are professionals in their field. These are expensive devices that owned by the customer, and should be up to the customer how they wish to deploy\configure\use them. 

SOPHOS, however, is intent on "Parenting" their network administrator customers. SOPHOS is removing another feature that some admins are using because I guess SOPHOS "knows better". We've been using the new XGS Firewalls for a few months and this is the second time I've seen this behavior.

While SOPHOS is busy removing functionality and features from their Firewalls to "Parent" their customers who don't need parenting, other functionality is direly needed, however that does not appear to be the focus.

Why don't we work on improving the MANY missing features that XGS needs, before we start making the product less flexible.


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