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Remote Access VPN & changing LAN IPs

XGS136, SFOS 19.5.1

Migrating from old firewall to the XGS. Deploying Sophos Connect with .OVPN files.

Examining the OVPN file and connection logs, it appears Connect tries each of 3 IPs listed at the bottom (Interfaces on WAN, LAN1 and LAN2) until it's able to make a connection.

Users will ONLY be connecting from the WAN.

The LAN1 IP will be changing when the firewall goes into production. LAN2 and WAN will not change.

Am I correct that it won't be necessary for clients to import a new OVPN file after the LAN1 IP changes because no one will need the VPN on LAN1?

I realize .PRO files would update the config automagically, and I'd love to use them...but it appears .PRO files don't work on the WAN unless the user portal is enabled on the WAN; that's a non-starter.

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