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Automate replacement of Letsencrypt SSL on Sophos SFOS?

I am currently using SFOS 19.5.1 MR-1-Build278.  I am hosting Emby (similar to Plex, I used Plex as it is more popular) container on my Qnap NAS, being protected by WAF.  I have my own domain name from Porkbun, and I was able to generate SSL (Letsencrypt) and install it on my Emby server.  Seeing that SSL certs from Letsencrypt are only good for 90 days, I have to reinstall a new SSL cert on my Emby server and on my XG Firewall.  

I see people using NginX, or Certbot to automate this process, but that is if it's not using Sophos XG WAF.  Is there a way around this and still use Sophos XG WAF?

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