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Migration of Entire Network to Gateway on Different Physical Port/IP Schema - 2 Lan Ports with Different Addresses/Subnets

So here is the deal - I have an entire network of devices (switches, APs, computers, laptops, servers, printers, IoTs) that was all built on a /16 subnet using public IP space and it is all just using default VLAN/VLAN 1.

176.100.x.x/16.  It is slow congested and woefully inefficient.  Obviously it needs to be broken up into VLANs but my problem is that it is simply too many things to migrate over a weekend and it will take me weeks, maybe months to get it all done.

Right now Port 1 on my XG3300 firewall is set to and that is the default gateway for EVERYTHING in the company and it is plugged into port 1 on my core switch that feeds all the other switches/APs.

I want to get everything moved to a 192.168.<vlan>.<device> schema and i'm trying to figure out the best way to do that.

Port 4 and 5 are load balanced WAN links to two different ISPs and port 6 is also in the LAN zone as it goes to a provider managed router and subsequently to a managed/Metro E network to remote sites.

If I give port 2 on the firewall an address of and plug it into port 2 on my core switch will I theoretically be able to use EITHER OR as a default gateway on a computer or printer or switch management port and have it work the same?

At the end of the day what I really need is to have 2 gateways in my LAN simultaneously going that give the same access to the same resources until I can get everything moved to the correct one and then build VLAN/Zone based rules.

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