How does AC work?

Hello everyone, 

I was curious about the way Authentication Client works. You remember previous version of that? (Cyberoam Generic Authentication Client)? In that version, clients where able to change the IP address of Cyberoam in the setting. So, any change in the appliance side was equal to a change in client side as well. 

But, In Sophos XGS series you can download the MSI or exe version of AC and install it on clients. But there is not way to change the setting on the client side. So any change in the IP address of appliance results to downloading the new AC version from the firewall and deploying that to the client. Is that right?

But in an strange case, I changed the IP address of firewall but AC could communicate with that! Even in case of changing the appliance installing the new Certificate was not required.

I am a little confused.

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