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Problem with subscription XGS136 urgent

Last Thursday I installed a new XGS136 to replace the previous XG135. As far as I could tell, everything went without a hitch. Unfortunately, something is not working properly with the licensing. I can't get a subscription activated.

We use Xstream Protection bundle with email protection and web server protection. Our location is Germany. The firmware used is SFOS 19.0.0 GA-Build317.

The registration went smoothly and adding the licences did not cause any errors. Unfortunately, the subscriptions could not be set to active via synchronisation.
The device is displayed correctly in the "mySophos" portal but the licences are all set to "pending". This status did not change even after one day. I opened a ticket with the dealer. He said that Sophos can see the licences as activated. However, if I click on "synchronise", the firewall reports a successful connection to the server but the licences are not activated.

I also noticed the following. When I log on to mySophos, I end up on a German-language server and the licences are marked as "pending". If I click on the firewall under System -> Administration -> Activate licences on Evaluations, I am directed to an English-language server and all licences are marked as active there.

It seems to me that Sophos has a synchronisation problem. Unfortunately, I don't know what to do. Currently, only the packet filter is running and I urgently need help.

best regards

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