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Migrating from Opnsense

Hi all,

I am a home user have been a user of Opnsense for a few years but recently removed this setup as it was constantly failing to reroute ipv6 when a connection dropped and was restarted which required 95% of the time to reboot the whole unit.

I have since been using an ASUS ZenWifi XT8 mesh system, which is fine but does not give me the full configuration I would like to do,

I have installed the latest XG onto my Quotom PC which has 4 nics installed, but have not yet finished setting this up as would like some more info if possible.

Can the ports be reconfigured so Port 1 is WAN and Port 2 is LAN? Will it cause issues with the current defaulted firewall rules

Can I use aliases or groups to define a list of devices ie we have multiple xbox's and nintendo switches and on Opnsense I had an alias group setup so i only needed to do one rule for each group instead of each device.

On OS, you could use Hybrid mode for the NAT (which I used), can this be done on XG or must rules be manually added

XG says there is a limit to 50 devices for home users, is this active devices or total list of devices (inclusive of inactive)

Is IPv6 fully supported (I have the ND/PD inforrmation from my ISP which I can manually use or can be obtained from DHCP from PPPoE connection)

What are the major benefits of using the XG over Opnsense/Untangle

How does it perform with Guest Network as I work from home on a regular basis, so have my work stuff connected to the guest network

There are probably more questions but I think I've asked quite a bit so far to get me started

Thanks in advance

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