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Firewall rules by AD group membership does not work.

Hi everyone,

Im an IT ADMIN of an hospital, I've got issue with Firewall Rules that i want to apply to AD group membership.

The thing is that Rules Work Randomly for some users and don't work for another.

The rules AD group target is "Users Autocom", groups called  "Securite","Accueil" are members of "Users Autocom" and the rules work properly for theese groupmembers.

I recently add the group "Secretaire CS" in "Users Autocom" but unfortunately the rules dosn'not Work for members of this group.

If i understand this document, there are nothing who should deny access to the group "Secretaire CS" especially because firewall rules don't need AD primary group.

Our Sophos is a 330 XG Firewall with OS SFOS 18.0.5 MR-5-Build586.

Is there a synchronization delay between Sophos and AD?

Should I do something else when i add a new group to "Users Autocom"?

And if it could help we use SSO from AD in the hospital.

Sorry for my english im a frog eater Slight smile

Best regards 


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