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XG 18.0.5 WAF LetsEncrypt Wildcard certificate

I have a LetsEncrypt certificate with the following parameters (sorry for the substitutions, but there's customer names in the domain/hostnames):



Which means, that it should be a wildcard certificate for {HOSTNAME1}.{DOMAINNAME1}.de

I have succesfully imported the certificate into the XG firewall.

Unfortunately the only domain name allowed by the Webserver Protection rule is {HOSTNAME1}.{DOMAINNAME1}.de, that is the CN entry.

All the other DNS names are rejected when I save the rule.

Any idea on where it's going wrong?

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  • While having a Certificate with multiple SAN's, by default the WAF will only pick the CN and give you an error for everything else.

    But if you ignore the error message and save the WAF Policy, the certificate will be used as expected for all clients.

    Here's the message It shows:

    If you click on "OK", It will save the WAF Policy and use the selected certificate as expected.

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