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Intercept X for mobile

Hi Good day 

My new phone Samsung Galaxy S23 running on One Ui version 5.1 on Android 13, Security patch level 1 July 2023, with Kernel 5.15.74, shows an error while tried to install and run the Intercept X for mobile the below error

Android compatibility

UNSAFE: Android compatibility verification failed

The compatibility test suite(CTS) is a Google tool that verifies that your device and the software running on it are Android compatible. VErificaiton fails when the device has been tampered with, for example when the device is rooted, when an unofficial Android version is installed, or when Google apps are missing

The security of your device is reduced. To correct this restore your device to its original status.

The phone is new, two days old, and not rooted. I am clues less which google app is missing here, 

Could you please help me with this? 

Many thanks for considering my request.

Best Regards


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