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Intercept X for mobile on iOS - Code invalid for Microsoft MFA - manual setup fine

Hi Community,

we recommended Intercept X for mobile for our iOS users because it is the successor of Sophos Authenticator and obviously one of only a few - if not the only - authenticators that can be used for one-time code on Sophos UTM. Well, Google Authenticator now works as it seems but as E2E encryption is missing... Anyway, of course we want to avoid using multiple authenticator apps and recommended Intercept X also for Microsoft MFA. Now as some tried to scan the code on setup they receive "Code is invalid - QR code contains no valid one-time password settings". Bam. I could verify this. However I also found that if I click on "Can't scan image" on the Microsoft setup and add the data manually to the Intercept X app, it works very well. Looks to me as a problem of the app interpreting the QR code. Is there any chance that this will be fixes in the near future? Did anyone encounter the same? I am not sure if this also affects Android because I don't have a device to test it.

By the way: I'm running iOS 16.4.1 on iPhone SE 2020

Thanks for any useful comments.

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