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Android Enrollement with work profile - unable to finalize process

Hello to the community,

I'am trying to enroll an Android Device with the Work Profile Task Bundle.

All is well configure (policies, tasks bundle, self portal, etc).

I've already enrolled Android devices as Corporate Full Device. Everyhthing is OK.

But when i trying to enroll Android device with work profile, the SMC tells me that : "you are using the app outside the work profile".

this appear when the SMC ask me for the authotization : "display over others apps".

The step i followed:

1) Settings > Add account > Google > set my email pro account

2) SMC is then installed on personnal profile (i give it all authorizations)

3) Work Profile is created

3) SMC is going to be installed on Work Profile and ask me for the auth "display over others apps"....and its looping...

Unable to set this authorization !!! Telling me the same message as described above.

I dont know how, and why ?!?

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