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Mails sent from alias rejected by gateway.


I am using an on premise exchange server (but the same behavior is with O365).
Exchange 2 domains: and and setup in Sophos Central with inbound and outbound mail flow through central email and ADSync for users/mailboxes.
2 mailboxes setup with:

Behavior (email sent to external recipient through Sophos central):
Sent from – OK
Sent from – OK
Sent from – rejected by Sophos Central
Sent from – OK
Sent from – rejected by Sophos Central
Sent from – OK

If I send an email from an alias address which has a different domain then the primary address then Sophos Central is rejecting the email and not delivering it to the final recipient even both domains are set up in Sophos Central.

I have a support case (05321938) open since 06/2022 about this problem, but no solution has been found.
Has anyone run into the same problem and found a solution for it?

Thanks’ with kind regards.

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