[BUG] Interface changes don't change the Interface objects if sum VPN exists


i know the Beta is over, but i have now a big installation with 10 UTMs worldwide at my customer and i test everything in my office and i find out a bad bug in this case:

If you have a VPN configured with the SUM (ACC) and you change the Interface adresses (from the internal LAN) that is used in the SUM and the UTM, the adress will be changed, but the network objects in the ,,network definition" menu don't have the changes. So the overview show you, the interface is down, but you can access the webadmin and see the problem. 

This objects are not edit able, so the only way to fix this issue, is to define a new interface with a temporary adress, connect over this new interface, delete the interface with all references, recreate the interface and put every references again to this interface. 

This bug is very bad. The sum(acc) show you the correct addresses, so its not so easy to figure out, whats the problem, if you configure the boxes remotly.